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Press Release 12/30/2020

Attention all WCHL members.

The WCHL held a secondary monthly league meeting 12/30/2020, to decide our direction and options moving forward into the new year regarding competitive play.

With the current COVID regulation levels between our member counties, that could change at any time, we will more than likely not be hosting any official league games the weekend of January 9th & 10th, and the league is looking at opportunities for non-league competition this weekend to potentially be hosted at outdoor facilities, pending approval of the host associations County. The league is also looking at multiple pond hockey opportunities to be hosted by associations with proper facilities.

At this time, all member associations have agreed to align with the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) schedule, with league games potentially starting the weekend of January 23rd, pending State & County approval.

We thank you for your patience this season, and we look forward to getting our players the much needed competitive opportunities they deserve.